Data Exploration, Analysis, Meta-Analysis

a modern system of interlocking tools for quantitative analysis

TwoRavens is a system of interlocking statistical tools for data exploration, analysis, and meta-analysis. The first to be released is an interface for quantitative analysis, that allows users at all levels of statistical expertise to explore their data, describe their substantive understanding of the data, and appropriately construct statistical models.

The interface is a browser-based, thin client, with the data remaining in an online repository, and the statistical modeling occurring on a remote server.

In the present implementation, TwoRavens can explore several thousand of the “tabular” datasets in Dataverse, and implement the statistical models and model interpretation features available in the Zelig package, without any knowledge of R. The interface is entirely gesture-driven, and so easily used on tablets and phones. This, in combination with being browser-based, and linked to data storage in a repository makes data exploration and quantitative reasoning easily portable to the classroom with minimal infrastructure or technology overhead.

You can see a live instance of TwoRavens here..

TwoRavens is also available directly from many tabular datasets in the Harvard Dataverse Repository.


The Norse god Odin had two talking ravens as advisors, who would fly out into the world and report back all they observed. In the Norse, their names were "Thought" and "Memory". In our coming release, our thought-raven automatically advises on statistical model selection, while our memory-raven accumulates previous statistical models from Dataverse, to provide cumulative guidance and meta-analysis.